Delivice is Ann Arbor’s grocery delivery service that was founded in February of 2014. Our founding mission is to bridge convenience and accessibility by bringing quality groceries from local stores that you know and trust right to your doorstep.


From choosing the freshest products to always delivering in a timely fashion, Delivice’s unwavering commitment to quality and efficiency guides our everyday operation. Our customers care about their time and body, and so do we. It is our goal to make grocery shopping as convenient and efficient as possible while maintaining the highest quality of service and food.

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our story

There’s got to be a better way

While attending college at the University of Michigan, Benny and Yidan frequently found it difficult to cook for themselves. To prepare their own healthy meals usually meant hours spent planning the grocery list for the week and commuting back and forth from grocery stores located off campus. The two also saw the same problem among many of their friends, although some had it worse because they didn’t have a car so they took taxis, buses, walked and some even begged others to tag along to grocery stores.


Grocery shopping was inconvenient and time consuming, making it hard for busy college students. Given the limited grocery options on campus, many students have little choice but to dine out, which almost doubles the price of getting groceries. We strongly believed that it was about time for a change; there has to be a better way.

To serve with trust and care  

Convinced that the inconvenient and time consuming aspect of grocery shopping needs to be a thing in the past, we founded Delivice in February 2014 to set a new trend of convenient online grocery shopping. Our goal is to set a shopping process that is efficient, to provide freshest products that are hand-picked with good care, and to deliver results that are exceptional. We design our process with the belief that if our customers trust us with their food, we can only do everything we can to ensure the quality and timeliness our customers expect.
We are here to make grocery shopping a hassle free experience, so our customers can relax and focus on what is important to them. Since Delivice’s founding, we have helped numerous students, professors and staff members at UofM meet their grocery needs. By choosing Delivice, our customers can order and receive deliveries anywhere at their convenience, all while knowing that their groceries are shopped by people who care just as much as they do.

Spreading convenience and happiness

As we continue to serve and help students and professors at UofM, we soon realized that working individuals and families face similar challenges when it comes to grocery shopping. If our service has helped students eliminate the trouble of commuting to distant stores and hauling heavy bags, why not spread the convenience and happiness?
Aiming to bring the hassle free grocery shopping experience to as many people possible, Delivice opened up its service to all Ann Arbor residents in the summer of 2014 to help working individuals, senior citizens, busy parents, and those who just want to enjoy the convenience of having their groceries delivered. We at Delivice are working hard to expand our service everyday. To neighboring cities of Ann Arbor and college town, Delivice is not far from bringing convenience and happiness to you too!